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kradmine asked: may i ask what this nightmare was about? Horror/Romance manga sounds awesome! (Got lucky and saw that post like 15 seconds after posting hahaha im not a stalker i swear)

Well the scary part was it took place at my school and everyone was running around at 5pm-ish because there was a ghost. Now this ghost would hide in the corner of the corridors and eat whoever stumble upon her. I was so close to being eaten but luckily there was a lady in front of me and she got eaten ye…

but the stupid part was we had a convenience store in our school and some teachers managed to figure out the legend behind that ghost but problem was their whole conversation was in Japanese so up until now I have no idea what is wrong with that ghost 

The manga we did was a little different from the dream, but the ghost designs were from that dream
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Two years ago whoa man there was this time when me and Maru-chan were trying to collab together to make a horror/romance manga based on my nightmare and we kinda ended up procrastinating till now

these were the characters;

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Flying Train (Medley)
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【歌ってみた】 Flying Train 【ザクリ】 (Medley)

Covered by ザクリ (zakuri)
Instrumental by 全農連P (When They Cry -Rosin Mix-)

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He better be, otherwise I’m gonna go crazy because of his ‘on and off switch’.

I’m not sure if his personal issues have already been settled, but hopefully he is going to stay as North for a very long time.

He’ll probably gonna reupload his old covers idk that is what I am predicting.

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I am so done with South now. Of all the names in the world, he picked North instead. He could have at least try to make it less obvious

Even in his new twitter the first person he talks to is Sou

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Rashisa (orchestra arrange) - Nogi

Original - SUPER BEAVER (Barakamon OP)

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曖昧劣情Lover 歌ってみた ver.きむち (Aimai Retsujou Lover)

Covered by きむち (Kimuchi)
Music by koyori

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One thing I am very happy about the last episode of Gekkan Shoujo is MAYU. I NEVER FELT SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SEASON JUST BECAUSE OF A VERY SHORT CAMEO

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Inokori Sensei
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Inokori Sensei』 - 【Suya

Original - HoneyWorks ft. v flower

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unravel (dj-Jo remix- Ashikubi

Original - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Tokyo Ghoul OP) 

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Ah dammit.
Reitarou deleted his nnd account
He is like one of the youngest utaites (currenty 16yo I guess) and has a really nice voice